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Space Day and Moon Watch

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Space Day and Moon Watch is an all day family event taking place Saturday, October 31st, 2009 from 3pm - 7:30pm at the Nottingham Castle!


Walk through our solar system, enjoy hands-on experiments, look at the Moon and Jupiter through a telescope, hear professional scientists describe the universe, experience the visual wonders of the universe inside a planetarium, dress in costume, and more!


Events of the Day:

  • Inflatable Planetarium - shows every 30 minutes!
  • Solar System Tour - A Planet Safari!
  • "Ask An Astronomer" booth
  • Childrens activities: games, contests, coloring, rocket launches, etc...
  • Short talks from professional astronomers- starting at 3:30pm
  • Moon Landing Workshop by Anu Ojha from the National Space Center
  • Halloween Costume Competition
  • Speak with famous scientists of the past**!
  • Telescope and Binocular Viewing - see Jupiter, the Moon, and the Sun!
  • Estimation Station!
  • Win Prizes!!


Talk Schedule:


4:400 - 5:00 pm: The Secret Rulers of the World – The Science Behind Conspiracy Theories by Anu Ojha

5:00 pm: The History of the Telescope, from 40 Millimetres to 40 Metres by Mike Merrifield

5:30 pm: How Big Is Space?  by Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca

6:00 pm: Life on the Moons in our Solar System? by Markus Hammonds

6:30 pm: Black Holes and Quasars  by Omar Almaini

7:00 pm: Sir Isaac Remembers....   by Mike Edmonds



** Talk to famous scientistists from the past!  including:

  • Isaac Newton (Mike Edmunds)
  • Caroline Herschel (Emma Rigby)
  • Karl Schwarzschild (Neil Butcher)
  • Hypatia of Alexandria (Meghan Gray)
  • Albert Einstein (Boris Haeussler)
  • Johannes Kepler (Carlos Hoyos)
  • Galileo Galilei (Daniele Fantin) 
  • Henrietta Leavitt (Yara Jaffe)






For more information or to volunteer, please email:

Amanda Bauer - amanda.bauer [at] nottingham.ac.uk

Ruth Gruetzbauch - Ruth.Gruetzbauch [at] nottingham.ac.uk 


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