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Lakeside Space week

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From the 29th of June to the 3th of July, students and staff members from the Astronomy, Particle Physics and Chemistry department will take part in an innovative teaching experiment that merge ART, DRAMA and SCIENCE, at the Lakeside. The main subject of this course will be the moon and the moon landing, but images of galaxies and of the universe at different scales will also been shown.

We take care of the science session, where school groups (formed by  6 to 11 years old students) will prepare  an imaginary mission to the moon, from choosing the landing space to build a moon rocket!


Every Day Plan

Every day three sessions will take part, from 9:30 to 14:45, click here to see the sessions' content in details and download the Activities Overview.

Week Rota

click here to see in which days you have to come. You must be there half an hour before the starting of the session!!!

Contacts:  Arianna Cortesi(ppxac2[at]nottingham.ac.uk), Meghan Gray (Meghan.Gray[at]nottingham.ac.uk), June Mccombie (June.Mccombie[at]nottingham.ac.uk)





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